10 Crucial Things Everyone Should Remember When Connecting to Free Wi-Fi

7. Trust networks with two-stage authentication

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You can never be too safe and a network that doesn’t require extra actions in order to grant you the privilege of using its wifi is quite suspicious. Take time to find networks that require you to enter a code sent to you via text message or e-mail.

8. Encrypted passwords

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There’s a surprisingly large number of people who write their passwords down in places where they’re hardly a challenge for the novice fraud to find. Try to remember your passwords or write them down in a password manager.

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9. Check the site’s URL

There’s countless sites that mimic other well-known sites like Paypal and the like but they can never have the same URL so they usually change a symbol or two in hopes that potential victims won’t notice. Using a good browser will also help in revealing such dangerous websites.

10. Use a https:// connection

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Last but not least, one should always keep an eye on whether or not the URL begins with “http” or “https” with the latter being the safer option.

Written by Jacob August

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