13 Of The Strangest Things People Have Dug Up In Their Yards

4. Fallout shelter

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In 2013, Chris and Colleen Otcasek bought a home in Woodland Hills, California. The couple was moving in, and they noticed some sort of a hole in their back yard. After they investigated it they were really amazed. The hole had a staircase that went 15 feet underground and led to a perfectly preserved fallout shelter from the 60s, fully stocked with old supplies.
It may seem strange now, but back in the 60’s a lot of Americans believed that a nuclear strike from the USSR was imminent and many tried to prepare for this event.

Even though nowadays the threat from nuclear fallout is seemingly far smaller than in the 60’s, fallout shelters are still a cool thing. They make for a great man cave… or a wine cellar. And you never know when the North Koreans finally manage to make a working ICBM.

5. New Orleans Graveyard

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Vincent Marcello is a resident of New Orleans and is living in the historic French Quarter of the city.
In 2011 he was digging a plot in his backyard, his goal was to make a swimming pool. Vincent knew that his home was on historic ground and he was prepared to find something while digging, but he certainly was not prepared to unearth a total of 15 coffins, many of which stacked on top of others. They were dated back to the 18thcentury.

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Authorities were called in, and with the help of an archaeologist it was determined that this was the old St. Peter’s graveyard. It was closed a long time ago since the workers could no longer dig anywhere without encountering remains. The archaeologist speculated that the wealthier families probably paid for their dead relatives to be reburied in the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, but the remains of many other people were left behind, either because their relatives couldn’t afford to relocate them, or there were no relatives at all.

6. Mastodon skeleton

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Digging up human remains from the ground may be creepy, but there is way more excitement when you dig up giant bones. This is what happened in Byron Township, Michigan, earlier this year.

Workers and investors were on the building site of what was to become Eagle Creek Homes. While digging they discovered a giant rib bone. It was obvious it belonged to an ancient creature and they even thought that it came from a dinosaur. More bones came out of the ground, reaching a total of 42. The remains were taken by experts from the University of Michigan, and after studying them they concluded that the bones belonged to a mastodon living some 10,000 years ago during an Ice Age. The mastodon is a creature similar to the woolly mammoth or modern day elephants.

Quite a find that is. The workers are probably still digging around on that property, and there is a very high chance that they unearth the skeleton of a prehistoric sloth, or maybe an ice age squirrel holding an acorn. 

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