13 Of The Strangest Things People Have Dug Up In Their Yards

11. Strange glowing gem

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In 2014 two young sisters from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada were digging for worms in their back yard. They stumbled upon a strange looking piece of mineral that they described as luminescent and having a bluish tint. The girls hoped that it was a meteorite. A local gem and mineral enthusiast was called to investigate, and he couldn’t figure it out.

The piece was sent to the University of Waterloo for further examination. The experts at the university came up with the least interesting conclusion. It was a lump of glass sold as a garden ornament in many shops.

That was rather disappointing for many people, some of us hoped that it was kryptonite.

12. Giant armadillo fossil

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In 2015, Argentinian farmer Jose Antonio Nievas was out for a late night walk around his property. On the river bank, he stumbled upon a large 3ft fossil that he initially thought was a dinosaur egg. Upon a closer look, the fossil closely resembled an armadillo shell, however, modern armadillos don’t grow anywhere near that size.

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It turns out it was a fossilized shell of a glyptodont, an ancient relative of the modern armadillo that lived in this area for tens of millions of years and became extinct only about 10,000 years ago. Some people began speculating that the find was fake. An expert examination was carried out to reveal, that it is a genuine fossil of a glyptodont.

13. A tunnel to the great pyramid

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In 2015 an Egyptian man called “Naggy” was digging a hole in his backyard. The purpose of that hole was unknown, but it was pretty deep. Naggy had dug 33 feet downwards, when he  stumbled upon an opening, and revealed a tunnel. He informed the authorities, and local archaeologists flocked to the site. Many people speculated that the tunnel led to the pyramids of Giza, and to the amazement of pretty much everyone, the archaeologists confirmed that, claiming that the tunnel reached the great pyramid of Khufu.

It turned out that this tunnel was well described in ancient times, it was mentioned in “Histories” by the Greek author Herodotus who supposedly visited it in the 5thcentury BC.

The tunnel was described as a connection between the pyramid and a temple not yet discovered that was located on the shore of the Nile river.

The discovery of the tunnel allowed archaeologists to pinpoint the location of the temple to a nearby village.

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