13 Pranks With Terrible, Terrible Outcomes

7. A fake love letter leads to a real confession of love

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It isn’t altogether uncommon for a teenaged boy to find himself attracted to a slightly older, female teacher. That’s not exactly what happened in this case. A teenaged boy and his buddy decided to prank his middle-aged female French teacher by composing a corny love letter in broken French. One boy signed his classmate’s name and slipped the letter into the teacher’s bag when she wasn’t looking.

You’d most likely expect one or both of the boys to get in trouble with teacher, or even school administrators. Instead, over the course of about 20 minutes, the teacher confessed her strong feelings to the boy who had his name signed to the letter. His friend, naturally, was quite surprised. Fortunately for everyone involved, the teacher took it upon herself to tell her student that, despite her attraction, the relationship couldn’t go anywhere.

8. A blackout dental patient briefly becomes a boar

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Most people hate going to the dentists, even if they are dentists themselves. There’s a good chance that few hate going to the dentist more than the assistant of Dr. Jonathon Woo, who practiced in Auburn, WA. The dentist seemed to think it would be amusing to temporarily implant fake boar tusks into the mouth of his unconscious assistant—who apparently owned a pot-bellied pig named Walter—while she was under anesthesia for a proper dental implant procedure. Woo took pictures of his assistant with the fake tusks before replacing them with proper caps, and those pictures inevitably wound up on his assistant’s phone. Needless to say, the assistant—who had been sexually assaulted as a teenager—was not pleased with her employer and ended up suing him for a quarter of a million dollars. Curiously, Woo later attempted to convince the State Supreme Court he deserved close to a million dollars after being abandoned by his insurance company over the incident.

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9. A mechanic is set on fire in what probably shouldn’t be described as a prank

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Pranks are generally pretty funny, with the exception of those where people get hurt. In this case, an Australian mechanic was most definitely hurt when his three coworkers decided to spray him with brake fluid and set him on fire in January of 2008. Fortunately, the mechanic who was set on fire lived. Those that sprayed him and set him ablaze were tried in a Magistrate’s Court. The defense argued that the act wasn’t malicious or a case of workplace bullying, but rather the culmination of a lot of joking around. The pranksters were found guilty of three charges under Australia’s Occupational Safety and Health Act. They were fined a mere 5000 Australian dollars for putting their colleague’s life in jeopardy.

10. A bogus email prompts a genuine health crisis

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Workaholics take their jobs seriously, and Glen Howlett definitely took his job as a community service manager at London City Hall in Ontario, Canada seriously.

While on vacation with his family, Howlett received an email from co-workers looking to play a prank; he was told that a deadline for a major report was moved up; Howlett cut his vacation short so that he could meet the fake deadline, but suffered stress-related palpitations as a result of the pressure he was experiencing. Feeling as if he was an under-performer at work, Howlett actually ended up writing a resignation letter while in his hospital bed. That’s when his co-workers fessed up and told him the deadline hadn’t been moved after all.

The happy ending to this story is that Howlett managed to negotiate an early retirement package.

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