13 Pranks With Terrible, Terrible Outcomes

4. A Prank on the pope leaves the UK embarrassed

Image Source: Washington Times

His Holiness the Pope, head of state of Vatican City, decided to visit the United Kingdom in 2010. As is customary, the Foreign Office was charged with overseeing the pope’s time there. Those working in the Foreign Office decided it would be fun to circulate a humorous memo listing things the Pope would be doing during his time in the UK. Unsurprisingly, the Vatican didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion the Pope would open an abortion clinic or introduce a line of condoms. The Foreign Office naturally had to apologize to the public.

5. A man mails himself to his sweetheart and nearly suffocates

Image Source: YOUTUBE

For whatever reason, possibly because he thought he was being particularly clever and funny, a man from southern China named Hu Seng asked his friend to tape him in a box and ship him via courier to his girlfriend’s office.

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Naturally, the box was delivered to the wrong address. What should have been a 30-minute stay inside the package turned into a 3-hour long ordeal. The box didn’t have much air inside of it. Mr. Seng nearly suffocated by the time it got to his girlfriend, and as a result he had to be revived by paramedics. Hopefully, these days, if Mr. Seng is still with his lady love and wants to surprise her at her place of employment, he just sends flowers—like a normal person!

6. A fake skeleton leads to a real mental breakdown

Image Source: YOUTUBE

As was noted above, young men tend to do pretty ridiculous things in an effort to be funny. Usually, those ridiculous things—even if they don’t actually turn out to be particularly amusing—don’t cost people their sanity. However, in this case, one of those ridiculous actions did just that. A group of male nursing students decided it would be hilarious to put a fake skeleton in the bed of one of their female classmates. They were likely hoping for a gasp or a scream. Instead, they got a much different reaction. Entering her room, they found her in bed next to the skeleton, stroking its head. She later had a nervous breakdown and dropped out of school for a period of time.

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