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14 of the Many, Many Times People Have Embarrassed Themselves on Social Media

4. Jesus discovered America

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According to many, Jesus did a lot of impressive stuff. For one, he inspired a pretty great Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Depending on who you ask, he may have risen from the dead and could potentially be the savior of humanity. Regardless, the religion of which he is the central figure has definitely been a major influence on western civilization.
You can give Jesus credit for a lot—walking on water, healing cripples, turning water into wine, etc.—but there’s one thing he just definitely did not do, and that was discover “America”. In case you’re unaware, “America” was named for the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, not Jesus.

But apparently one social media user in 2015 thought Jesus had “discovered” America 2015 years earlier. Unless there’s a book or two missing from the Bible, Jesus most definitely did not do that.

5. Labor Day is about mothers

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Mothers—at least good mothers—deserve to be celebrated every day by their children and really society as a whole. Since the early 20th century, there’s even been a holiday in the United States, known as Mother’s Day, specifically for the celebration of motherhood. The history of the holiday is actually kind of interesting, at least the American version, because the woman who initially celebrated it back in 1908 later criticized the commercialization of Mother’s Day.

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A few months after Americans celebrate Mother’s Day, there is another American holiday called Labor Day. Let’s just be clear: it is not about women going into labor and then giving birth. It is a Federal Holiday that exists to celebrate workers; it also depresses a lot of people who consider it the end of the summer season, but who nonetheless enjoy the day of work.

That didn’t stop one ignorant social media user from posting on Labor Day that her friends and followers should be thankful for all the women who have gone into labor.

6. Bleach consumption is best handled by social media users

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If you drink bleach, there is a very good chance you will die. It will burn your esophagus and stomach, and you may end up in a coma or worse. Please do not drink bleach.

Let’s be honest here: kids do dumb stuff once in a while, which is why it is unwise to leave them alone when you pop out to the liquor store or to buy gasoline. Kids will and do put almost anything in their mouths.

If your child decides he or she likes the taste of bleach, you should immediately get him or her to a hospital. There is no debate on this subject. The little tyke needs proper medical attention.

What you should not do is ask for advice on the internet about what to do, which is what one unfortunate mother did. Naturally, because it is the internet, a lot of people made fun of the woman instead of offering appropriate advice.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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