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13 Top Vacation Destinations Where People Disappear Without A Trace

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There are few luxuries on Earth that the average person spends more money on than a vacation. True, people frequently spend more money on houses and cars than they perhaps need to, but people do tend to need both food and transportation in order to live their lives. Going out to lunch or dinner is a luxury, but everyone nonetheless needs to eat.

Vacations, on the other hand, are the very definition of needless luxury. After all, five hundred years ago, a lot of people never left the village or town in which they were born.

There’s a lot to be said about travel, of course; for one, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions. Tourism is, in fact, one of the United States’ largest exports. There are also studies that show that vacations are good for employee productivity and mental health.

Tragically, there are vacation spots that you just don’t want to spend your hard-earned money visiting, as you may disappear and never be seen again. Here are 13 of those places:

1. Yosemite National Park

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Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Yosemite National Park attracts close to 4 million visitors a year. It also directly or indirectly responsible for roughly 45 missing persons.

People die there, too, and not because they’ve been mauled by wildlife. For example, in February of 1999, a woman, her daughter, and her daughter’s friend were murdered by the handyman at the lodge at which they were staying. The daughter, who was 15, was found with her throat slit. The car driven by the women was found torched.

The handyman was caught, in case you’re curious, but not before he murdered again that July. His victim, Joie, taught at the Yosemite Institute.

2. Paris, France

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Paris is a lovely and romantic spot, what with the classical architecture and boat rides down the Seine River—not to mention the great bread, coffee, and wine. It is certainly worth a visit. Or is it?

Really, the major reason Paris is on this list is because its iconic Eiffel Tower happens to be a very popular place in Europe for people to commit suicide. Once upon a time, it was the tallest structure on Earth, so it makes sense that people dealing with a very unfortunate state of mind choose jumping off it as a guaranteed way of taking their own lives.

In case you’re curious, Crime rates in Paris are only considered “moderate”, which means—Eiffel Tower suicides asides—it really isn’t any more dangerous than most large cities on Earth.

3. Lake Superior

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One of the “Great Lakes”, Lake Superior is truly enormous and deep; it is also accessible via a number of the United States as well as Canada.

It also happens to be the site of many ship disappearances, meaning it is the final resting place of the hundreds or even thousands of crew members who worked on those ships. In terms of numbers, it has been estimated that around 190 ships have disappeared due to Lake Superior’s waters. In general, the Great Lakes are responsible for more ship disappearances than even the Bermuda Triangle!

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