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13 Top Vacation Destinations Where People Disappear Without A Trace

7. San Francisco

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One of the most famous and frequently visited cities in the state of California, San Francisco is a place where people disappear for one particular reason: the Golden Gate Bridge. Over 1300 people have ended their lives via the bridge in the 80 or so years since it opened. Standing at almost 9,000 feet, jumping off of the bridge is almost guaranteed to be fatal.

Happily for San Francisco, the city offers a number of reasons—other than suicide—to visit it. The cultural and financial center of northern California, it hosts famous tourist attractions like Alamo Square Park and Fisherman’s Wharf. One can also see a ballet, an opera, and a symphony as a result of San Francisco’s vibrant art scene. It also has a major league baseball team, in case you’re a fan of sports.

You might want to stay away from the Golden Gate Bridge, though. Bad things happen there.

8. Pecos

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A village that can be commuted to from Sante Fe, Pecos is a gateway to the fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking offered by the state of New Mexico.

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It is also well known for being the site of unexplained vanishings. At times referred to as the Pecos Triangle—referencing the well-known Bermuda Triangle—authorities can’t always explain where people who disappear in Pecos end up. For example, a 61-year-old man named Mel Nadel vanished in September of 2009. A resident of Santa Fe, the happily married man met up with friends on Elk Mountain; despite the efforts of aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, and hundreds of people searching on foot, Mel Nadel was never found. Strangely, Nadel was sporting thermal underwear when he went missing. He was even armed with a bow and a revolver. He was even a black belt.
Nothing on his person was ever recovered.

Pecos is also known for being a place where Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are reported, and the Native Americans of the area have often suggested it is a place haunted by malevolent supernatural entities.

9. Alaska

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Like the state of Arizona, the entire state of Alaska is infamous for being a spot where people just tend to disappear or die. Like Arizona, there are a significant number of missing persons compared to the national average.
So why do people disappear from Alaska? Well, it is dark for over 2 months at a time in the northern portions of the state, which probably makes it pretty easy for killers to dump bodies. The wildlife—bears in particular—can be pretty hazardous to one’s health.

Still, the fact 3,000 people recently went missing in one year is pretty suspect. Of course, locating missing people is hard to do in Alaska, considering there are almost 40 mountain ranges and roughly 3 million lakes. Avalanches and collapsing riverbeds can make a person disappear in a heartbeat. If you wander into the wrong spot, you’re a dead man or woman.

It has also been suggested that the reason so many people disappear in Alaska is not because of the snow and ice caused by the weather, or the fact that the darkness makes disposing of a body easy, but simply the darkness itself. Weeks of darkness at a time can cause depression, which leads to suicide. In Alaska, finding a way to kill one’s self isn’t terribly difficult, and it is relatively unlikely the remains will ever be found.

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