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13 Top Vacation Destinations Where People Disappear Without A Trace

4. Yellowhead Highway

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Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Yellowhead Highway—also known as highway number “16”—is a busy highway in western Canada that goes from Winnipeg all of the way to Graham Island.

Named for the route used to cross the Canadian Rockies, the major highway— it stretches close to 1,800 miles—tends to make women disappear. At least 20 girls have disappeared or been killed on a section of the highway, and most of the girls were aboriginal. Many were teenagers.

Only one of the murders has been more-or-less solved—a woman named Loren Donn Leslie is believed to be killed by Cody Legebokoff, a Canadian serial killer; he was convicted in 2014, but the verdict was overturned.
Sure, there are persons of interest in the other disappearances/killings, but there is not enough evidence available in order to press charges.

Missing persons related to the highway date all of the way back to the late 1960s.

5. The Bennington Triangle

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A phrase created in the early 1990s by an author during a radio broadcast, The Bennington Triangle refers to an area in Vermont where—over the course of several years—several people disappeared. The first person disappeared in 1945, and four more people disappeared in the years to follow.

The last person to vanish in the area—located in the southwest area of the state of Vermont—was Frieda Langer, who disappeared in 1950. She wasn’t found until May 0f 1951, and the cause of death couldn’t be determined due to the condition of her remains.

Allegedly, strange occurrences were common in that area prior to the disappearances. One disappearance was that of Paula Welden, who vanished in December of 1946. Another person named James Tedford disappeared exactly three years after Welden.

6. Arizona

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In addition to being a tourist destination and popular place for people to retire due to its climate, the state of Arizona also seems to be a spot where people disappear. There are a significant number of open cases involving missing persons.

Do remember that Arizona is largely desert, which is a pretty ideal location for hiding bodies. It also contains mountains and a lot of undeveloped space, making it easier for criminal types to hide evidence.

The nearby state of Nevada, which is also comprised of a lot of a lot of desert area, is also known for being a place where people tend to disappear. Back in the 1950’s, well over 100 bodies were found buried in the desert sands of Las Vegas.

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