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14 of the Many, Many Times People Have Embarrassed Themselves on Social Media

7. The Virgin Birth

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Okay, at least according to at least one major religion, it is technically possible to be a virgin and have a child. Virgin births are actually relatively common in mythology.

There’s also that show called Jane the Virgin, which is about a virgin who accidentally became artificially inseminated during a checkup.
In general, though, we’re all here on this planet because two people engaged in what I’ll politely refer to as coitus. Once you engage in coitus, you are no longer a virgin.
Try explaining that to a certain social media user who decided to tweet that she intended to set a good example for her son by staying a virgin for life.

Granted, she might have adopted her son and also might be a virgin. But seriously, even if that happened to be the case, why would anyone post about that on the internet?

8. The future college dropout

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Once upon a time, less than a generation ago, it was expected that anyone college bound could actually spell basic words. English language grammar can be tricky, of course; for example, the use of the Oxford Comma is widely debated by people who have way too much time on their hands to discuss when commas should be used.

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Text messages and social media have undeniably led to a decline in the writing of proper English, and mediocre spelling is sort of understandable and even considered acceptable in this day and age.

But certain people take it too far, as did one Facebook user who informed her friends that she decided to sign up to go to college the next day. Her friends were justified in making fun of her for the fact she misspelled “college”, “signing”, and “tomorrow” in a post about getting an education. One clever person suggested she go back to elementary school before considering higher education.

9. You weren’t born on your birthday

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This writer actually knows a person who, as a result of being adopted, doesn’t know the precise date of his birth; he therefore celebrates his birthday on the anniversary of the day he ended up with his adoptive parents, which makes total sense.

In the case of a certain social media user, however, the above situation was probably not the case. Apparently she just didn’t know what birthday celebrations were about for just way too long, and she clearly seemed surprised when she learned her birthday was celebrated on the anniversary of the day her mother gave birth to her.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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