14 Tweets About Sleeping That Definitely Have A Point

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We love sleeping! Chilling in bed is most people’s favorite way of having some quality time alone. The world is a dynamic place and it seems that we get to sleep less and less. This can be of great significance, especially when you are in your 30s. However, regardless of the exact age you are at, sleep deprivation is not an option. We all have bad habits and our schedules are messed up, which are among the reasons why the following tweets exist! You are about to see the funniest tweets related to sleep.

1. Talk about bad habits

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As we already mentioned, people have developed weird and rather unhealthy sleeping habits and patterns. They are not good for the body and mind but most individuals cannot feel the effect because they are still young enough to endure. The best thing you can do is go to bed early and wake up early, with a good eight hours of sleep in between. In other case you are not doing yourself any favors and soon or later you will feel the effect.

2. This sounds like a plan

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We believe that self-care would mean doing what’s best for your well-being, right? Well, keeping that in mind, we cannot imagine that sleeping all day and then eating all night would get you in a nice position. In fact, it sounds more or less absurd! A vampire-style routine will not make you immortal for sure. You will probably not outlive the people with regular sleeping schedules, too. Our advice is to give yourself the rest you deserve when you feel the need to use it.

3. Here is a man who is probably jealous of his wife

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We believe that having the opportunity to rest whenever you need to is the kind of luxury we need! Most people are forced to work or do other things regardless of the fact that they are too tired to move. As you can see, this person’s wife was probably lucky enough to work something that allows her to take a nap whenever she feels tired. More importantly, she can apparently close her eyes and fall asleep for real! Most people need sometime before they adjust for sleeping even if they are tired.

4. It appears that God did it on purpose

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As much as we love sleeping, there has always been something about this part of life that annoyed us. We’re talking about dreams. Why are there no ways to remember everything we dream about or record it? It does not appear to be hard to have as a function. After all, we do have memories from decades ago! We imagine that a small storage file reserved for dreams would not be that big of a deal, but we are not equipped with such a feature.

5. Here is something we can definitely relate to

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Have you ever been in a situation when you are extremely tired physically but you also can’t go to sleep? We have been there one too many times! We have absolutely no idea why that happens but despite the fact that we feel we are in desperate need of sleep, our brains just do whatever they please. Just when we crave a few hours of precious sleep, all kinds of things go through our minds and we have always wondered why it happens like that.

6. This is basically a full description of a typical night

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Well, we need to admit that our routines are not that different from the one you see here. Of course, it might appear to be a bit exaggerated, but it is definitely plausible. It seems that tech gadgets and easily accessible social media have become a significant part of our lives and we cannot stay away from our phones for more than a few minutes. This, of course, is anything but healthy, not to mention the huge amount of time we waste literally doing nothing.

7. This will definitely feel familiar to most of you

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There are some studies which suggest that sleeping in cold rooms is beneficial in a number of ways, not to mention that improves the quality of sleep. However, it is hard to not leave the heater on in the long and cold winter night. Of course, doing that means that there is a price you need to pay! Waking up and looking more or less like this image suggests is the consequence we face for sleeping in a warm room all night. We guess that it is worth it.

8. Well, here is how most of us end up every night

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No matter how much time we spend convincing ourselves every night that this time would be different and we will actually go to sleep in a decent hour, it just never happens. The reasons for that are various, but the result is pretty much the same. We end up doing something completely meaningless while we should enjoy some quality sleep instead! This happens every single night and it is a habit we cannot change easily. This type of routine is anything but good and we are so used to it that it would be hard to switch to a normal sleep schedule.

9. This hilarious tweet made us laugh out loud

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The reason why we laughed so hard at this one is because we actually imagined it happening. Just think about it for a second. You go to the massage therapist’s studio and as soon as you feel comfortable on the massage table, you fall in the deepest sleep you had in weeks! We are more than sure that this happens a lot. We also believe that the massage therapist would be glad because chances are that you would be as relaxed as possible! Seeing this tweet made us want to enjoy a massage now. we desperately need this kind of thing!

10. There is truth in these words

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This person put things in a rather simple way and we could definitely agree with that! It always feels like the end of the world when the alarm simply tears up the silence in the room every morning! Unfortunately most of us need to experience that on a daily basis because we need to go to work, of course. This is why one of the ultimate signs of a luxury life is when you are not forced to get up in the morning and you could just wake up naturally! It sounds like a dream and it is!

11. This person definitely has a point

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Well we would not use the word ‘fun’, but we get the sarcasm she used in this tweet and this is why we fully agree with it. When you enter your 30s, you start experiencing things that you have felt before. As you can imagine, most of them are not quite pleasant! It seems that you appreciate your youth the most only after it is long gone! The fact that you feel dizzy and tired much too often means that you probably sleep way less than you should and you need to change that.

12. Here is a plan that will not do you any favors

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We get it, that is just a wild dream, but imagine if it was a real thing! You wake up against your will and just when you persuade yourself to get out of bed the unexpected happens; you fall down on another, lower bed that you placed right next to the main one. Well, nobody does that in real life, but it would be nice. The only thing about it is that it would make you late for whatever you were supposed to get up early, and this is likely to be a problem!

13. This is so true that it is not even that funny

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We believe that trying to get some help in order for you to correct your bad sleep schedule would always end up with an advice such as ‘go to bed early’. Well, this is the point exactly; we cannot! It is the reason we cannot decide to hit the sack at a decent time that needs attention, not the consequences that follow after it! Getting enough sleep is related to getting to bed early, and both things appear to be impossible from our point of view. Most of you would agree on that, probably.

14. This would be a nice way to use teleportation

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Maybe teleportation is not science fiction and it is only a matter of time for humankind to discover how to do it. Of course, from our point of view such a thing would have a number of benefits. This tweet suggests one of them. It would actually enable you to procrastinate as much as you want and still get a decent amount of sleep. All you need to do is switch time zones and that’s it! We cannot wait for teleportation to become a real thing!

Written by Sven Miller

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