24 Images Showing The Thriving Relationships Between Bosses And Employees

Most people out there could hardly say a good word about their bosses but there are individuals who love them and work for them with all the passion they are capable of. This is mostly because of bosses’ behavior. They can sometimes do what they need to in order to win their employees’ trust and respect. Of course, employees are also prone to having a great way of communicating and dealing with their superiors. We like it when we see such moments which is why we share the list below.

1. The slider

Image Source: Reddit

One person was constantly told by their boss to leave a note when they are not on their desk. It appears the employee was very clever because they created a slider instead of writing a note.

2. The contest

Image Source: Reddit

The contest between a boss and employee can easily get out of hand. This particular business owner competed with their employee to lose more weight and bought them cake to make sure he will win.

3. The wall clock

Image Source: Reddit

An employee wanted to have a personal wall clock above his desk and the boss delivered. Needless to say, the employee was not happy but the boss was surely amused!

4. The gift

Image Source: Reddit

This is how some employees decided to surprise their boss. They must have had a lot of respect for him because they ordered an oil painting of him that left him speechless.

5. The arrangement

Image Source: Imgur

This is how one employee arranged the tables in the meeting room after their boss asked them to come on their day off. Revenge is sweet, as they say.

6. The welder

Image Source: Reddit

One welder decided to have some fun and created an interesting gift for their boss. As you can see, he must be great at his job because the gift is crafted to perfection.

7. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

Bosses sometimes have a great sense of humor and they demonstrate it in the best possible way. It seems that Cody was the center of attention that particular night.

8. The hair

Image Source: Reddit

When this person’s boss said that her hair was not covered as it should be, he probably didn’t see what was about to come his way. Her solution to the problem is amazing and we love it.

9. The message

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody could pull off such a thing if they are not in a special kind of relationship with their boss. We guess this employee and his superior both have a great sense of humor.

10. The funny sign

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that bosses need to be more specific when they delegate a task to employees who have a sense of humor. One employee had to make sure no mice entered the cable tray and he put this sign.

11. The vacation

Image Source: Reddit

It is notes like this that make us like a person even if we don’t know anything about them. we believe that all the employees laughed when they saw this hilarious note.

12. The text

Image Source: Reddit

Conversations with your boss are not always pleasant but this person has a different story to tell. Their boss made them laugh in a hard period of their life which is priceless.

13. The setup

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Some of the people working a company were left on their own for a week and they kind of missed their boss during that period, so they decided to do something about it.

14. The truth

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one hilarious desk accessory that we want to have so bad! Someone came up with this witty comparison and we could not agree more with it!

15. The funny boss

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like receiving good news from your boss. Still, there are texts from them which you would never want to receive at all. This Snapchat was how a boss woke up their employee.

16. The cash

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that people love getting paid in cash because of the feeling they get when they touch the money. Still, people would hate it if their boss was a funny guy who did such things.

17. The stick-on note

Image Source: Reddit

One employee was baffled when their boss walked up to them with the most serious expression on their face. As you can see, the brilliant stick-on note is super funny.

18. The drawer

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that some of the most successful CEOs out there are put their employees to the test even when they don’t realize it. This is how one lifeguard was tested by their boss – they had to unlock the locker which did not need unlocking.

19. The cake

Image Source: Reddit

This is the cake some employees ordered for their boss’s 49th birthday. We believe that she was thrilled to receive it and she took it with a sense of humor.

20. The gloves

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person decided to troll their employee. They gave them this set of gloves and you can see why it was a funny moment. The employee loved it. Too.

21. The meetings

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of attitude bosses need to have. They must show their sense of humor even when it is kind of twisted. We bet all employees loved this sign when they saw it.

22. The iMac

Image Source: Reddit

When an employee asked their boss for a new iMac, they had no idea what was coming their way. The employee came to work the next day and found this thing on their desk.

23. The gift

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what a boss gave on their employees for Christmas. They say that the perfect gift does not exist but we beg to differ! This pair of socks is the ultimate gift for every employee.

24. The sweater

Image Source: Reddit

When this boss decided to organize an ugly sweater competition, he had no idea what was coming their way. This is a great idea and we love it!

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