15 Pictures Proving That Life Is Not Always Fair At All

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People often complain that life is not fair and they often end up in situations they do not wish to be a part of. Well, guess what – life is not meant to be fair! You might think that you are the only one who experiences bad luck every now and then, but you would be wrong. You see, in certain moments life treats you good while someone else is having a bad day. In other cases it’s the other way around. It is just how life goes, and we all need to accept it! This way it would be easier for us to deal with all the situations we consider to be bad or unfair.

1. It always sucks when you can’t find your dog’s leash

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Those among you who have dogs could definitely relate to this situation. It seems that a lot of people keep forgetting where they put their pet’s leash after the last walk. This is a problem, especially if your dog is not trained to walk next to you without a leash. It gets worse if you are in a hurry. However, this person was able to deal with the problem and simply used his hair! Of course, some people would find this to be unfair, because their own hair would not be as long!

2. Water skiing requires skills

Image Source: The Chive

There are a lot of action sports that seem to be really attractive for the majority of people. Of course, these sports require a lot of experience and skills, as well as courage. If you don’t have what it takes to be involved in such extreme sports, then you are better off just as a spectator. The people you see probably thought that life is unfair because they were not able to water ski behind the speed both, but in reality they probably need some practice to master their skills.

3. College students are always able to cope with different struggles

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When life gives you lemons, you need to figure out how to make lemonade. This is the best possible attitude! College students have accepted this as a life motto and even when life isn’t exactly fair to them, they simply do what they need to do! As you can see, some brilliant mind figured out a way to skip paying for the huge jugs of water. All it took was some creative thinking and determination.

4. Here is an example of a dangerous situation

Image Source: The Chive

Most people would say that these people had a stroke of bad luck. We beg to differ! As you probably guessed, the road you see was extremely slippery, and this was the reason all these vehicles ended up in the ditch. This has nothing to do with luck, but it is not a pleasant experience nonetheless. All they had to do was close the road or pay a bit more attention to the weather conditions. After all, seeing a bunch of cars on the side of the road is surely a sign that something is wrong.

5. This situation is kind of sad, really

Image Source: Dump A Day

Some situations are really not what you would expect them to be. This was the case here, and we guess it was both funny and kind of sad. All this girl did was to enjoy a bowl of pasta. She was probably munching with delight when her dad overheard the sounds and though that she had a boy in her room. We guess that she felt a bit embarrassed. Her facial expression also says that she would probably prefer to actually have a boy with her instead of the food.

6. Sometimes creativity helps you save the day

Image Source: Dump A Day

Or, should we say, creativity could help you save dinner! As you can see, someone is making an improvised BBQ using a coat hanger! It might seem strange, but it is not that big of a deal as long as it does the job. Maybe the person had no grill to use, so they chose an extraordinary approach to the problem! We think that it probably worked just as good as a real BBQ and everyone enjoyed a nice dinner.

7. This dog does not look happy

Image Source: The Chive

If you think that life is unfair to you, you need to look at this dog’s face and stop complaining. As you can see, there are some very specific instructions on that sign. However, Kenny disapproves them for all the right reasons. It is not within his power to set the rules. He gets fed whenever his owners decide to feed him. They even decided to ask people who pass by him to not give him treats. He seems to understand that and this is the reason for his long face.

8. This is a real bummer

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Image Source: Dump A Day

Everyone loves Oreos! Even if you can find someone who says that these cookies are no big deal, they probably just want to stand out from the crowd by saying they don’t like the brand. However, some people are not very lucky and this person has all the right reasons to stop loving Oreos. The photo speaks for itself and we cannot believe our eyes! We will definitely check every single cookie before eating it from now on.

9. We can relate to this struggle

Image Source: Dump A Day

Unfortunately for us, a lot of good times and experiences are ruined by something unexpected. This is how life can be unfair in a number of ways. The example in this post is just one of many! It is also something very relatable, although some people would be ashamed to admit it! We guess that there is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is still a struggle to hold in a fart this long. We hope we never get to experience such a thing again.

10. Being unprepared ends up in disaster

Image Source: Acid Cow

You should never go on a trip or a hike without preparing yourself. This doubles if you intend to jump inside a boat and circle around a lake. As you can see, this person learned a lesson the hard way! His boat looks like a DIY creation and it seems that it motor died. Not having a paddle on board meant that the man had to make a sacrifice and his guitar came in handy. He probably thought that life was unfair, but he should have prepared for such a scenario.

11. This is something rather embarrassing

Image Source: Dump A Day

Here is a photo showing how a long piece of toilet paper got stuck on this woman’s clothing. It is definitely something that the others should have told her. Things like this happen all the time, and people are often unaware of them. We guess that whoever took this photo told the woman to get rid of the piece of toilet paper before she got in her car.

12. This is what disaster looks like

Image Source: Acid Cow

We have seen a lot of disastrous events, and heavy hail is among them. As the photos clearly show, this hailstorm was a nightmare for sure! The vehicles pictured are severely damaged. We hope that nobody got hurt when the hailstorm hit! The size of these ice chinks is huge and someone could be badly injured if exposed to the elements without protection.

13. This photo shows what bad luck looks like

Image Source: Acid Cow

If you take a closer look at the background of this photo, you will immediately see what we mean! The person in the back tripped over and was caught at the exact moment before falling to the ground! We guess that walking on grass can be dangerous, and falling down can result in an injury. We hope the person was okay after the stunt. One thing is for sure, though – the wedding photo is truly unique with this addition in the background.

14. We guess that there is a reason for all those air fresheners

Image Source: Acid Cow

Almost every car has an air freshener inside! This is an essential accessory because it improves the comfort of the passenger compartment. However, seeing this huge stack of air fresheners made us wonder what was going on. Perhaps there was a spill inside and the carpet or the seats were soaked in some specific smelly liquid, who knows? One thing is for sure – whenever you make a mess inside the car, you think that life simply does not treat you fair.

15. This was not a good idea for sure

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people need to realize that a certain idea will not lead to good results because it was bad since the very beginning! As you can see, this person found this the hard way. The safety precautions meant to protect the turtle from getting lost actually result in the exact even that was supposed to be avoided! We guess that some lessons are learned the hard way! This person probably thought that life was not fair, but in this situations it was not about bad luck at all.

Written by Sven Miller

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