15 Times People Made Choices That Are Really Questionable

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One of the most beautiful things about the human race is that there are billions of us on this planet and we are all different from one another! This is the beauty of our existence! Imagine how dull it would be if we were all the same. However, such diversity comes at a certain price. Some individuals are always able to make poor life choices that leave the others baffled or even outraged sometimes! In most cases seeing the weird things people decide to do is more than amusing and this is what the list below is all about. The way someone installed that huge ad print you see above is just one example of how things are not supposed to be done.

1. This toothbrush is definitely not a good idea

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This is probably the first thing about a public restroom feature that we find to be bizarre! Whoever came up with the idea about a toothbrush that can be used by everyone who visits the restroom must learn the meaning of personal items and their importance. What is more personal to an individual than their toothbrush? That’s right, not many things are!

2. Here is someone who tried to step up their game

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Well, we need to admit that this is an idea that has some potential but the person who created this particular setup needs to rework it! It appears that everything could easily turn into a disaster! A quiet night of watching Netflix and having snacks can turn into a nightmare if that huge TV falls down! We hope that this person decided to remove everything or at least do it the right way.

3. We could literally smell this picture

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Here is a photo that can make anyone’s stomach turn! Even if you fail to realize what it actually is the caption is more than enough to leave no doubt about it. We are more than certain that the person who dipped his finger would never ever do it again! This is definitely a mistake that no sane person would even allow room for!

4. Not all photos go according to the initial plan

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In the era of social media most people give their best to look amazing in their photos. The different effects and filters can improve any photo, but it is the scenery and the views that make it stand out. The body position is also important for the final composition. Of course, even if you have the perfect idea in mind, the end result can be completely different from the one you expected. These two images show exactly what we mean!

5. These pizza experiments need to stop

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We believe that people need to treat food with respect and since one of our favorite types of food is pizza, we respect it a lot! This is the reason why we were almost furious upon seeing this experiment! Strawberry-topped pizza is definitely not something we would tolerate, not in this life, at least! Pineapple pizza is more than enough to handle already, and strawberry toppings would really stir the pot!

6. Here is one nail style that is more than unacceptable

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Everyone has the freedom to express themselves in all kinds of ways! We are perfectly aware of that but we still needs to share an opinion about something puzzling we see. The nails this person had done are definitely a thing we would like to comment. As you can see, they were intentionally done to resemble Cheetos, and this is where things cross the line for us. Apart from the way this nail design looks like, it is also kind of dangerous, because if you have nails like that, you could easily bite a finger while munching on Cheetos!

7. This is something simple and weird

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Here is one setup that will definitely make you wonder why someone would do it in the first place! We get that people have different taste preferences, but this is just too much for us to consider acceptable. No wonder this person had to use a soda cup to hide the whole thing from the people around. Drinking ketchup with a straw from a takeaway soda cup is definitely a weird thing to do!

8. This is how dedication looks like

test ad
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When you love something, you make sure people are aware of that fact. Sometimes it takes a risky move or a weird decision in order for you to demonstrate just how much you like a certain thing or activity. This woman apparently loves pasta and she was not afraid to show it! She actually demanded to wear a spaghetti colander just like hat on the driver’s license photograph. The idea sounds absurd and you can see for yourself how the end result looks.

9. Here is another spaghetti enthusiast

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It looks like spaghetti is a powerful thing that makes some people look weird! They are probably not aware of the way they look in other people’s eyes and they probably don’t care, too! As you can see, this spaghetti lover decided to have a quick lunch and ate pasta straight out of a plastic zip-lock bag! It looks like she enjoyed the meal and cold not care less about the way she looked!

10. Some designers try to push the envelope

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Product design is not a joke! It requires careful planning and a detailed marketing research before the final design of the product is approved for production. As you can see, someone made the decision to launch these shoes on the market, and we wonder why this person failed to see things as they are. This is the weirdest shoe design we have ever seen and the design is definitely full of creepy vibes!

11. Here is something that was definitely not a nice idea

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Today’s relationships are a lot different than they were back in the day. Most people’s story now begins online, meaning that you can’t just take your partner to the place you first met. Well, it seems that you actually can, and this man was able to do it! However, it was definitely not the best idea, because it is not the typical romantic story! If it was meant to be a prank, it probably backfired, judging by his girlfriend’s facial expression.

12. This is one way to end loneliness

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We guess this person would do great in advertising! Such a direct approach might not appear to be a good idea when it comes to finding your partner in life, but if it works, who actually cares about how weird it looks? Let’s hope that this man was able to actually find the right partner this way. We guess this is the basic version of an online dating application. You don’t even need to be on internet as it works for you every single second you spend outside of your home.

13. Here is something rather curious

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Upon taking a first glance at this picture, we are more than certain that someone made a choice here without wasting time to hesitate! As you can clearly see, the tape had footage of a pope’s funeral on it, but it seems that grandma was fed up with watching it and decided to replace it with a copy of a Harry Potter movie. We guess that it is all a matter of priorities and preferences, right?

14. Hanging wet clothes in the freezing cold can only result in one way

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This actually made us laugh, because we have done the same thing before. Once you see the result, you simply stop doing something like that! These women obviously never hanged soaking wet clothes out in the freezing cold, but they learned the hard way that it was a bad idea. When the temperatures outside are well below zero, you should definitely not out any laundry to dry outside, because it will simply freeze!

15. Now this is what it means to be extra

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We know that people want to be different and to stand out from the crowd. We are also aware that some individuals have some really weird taste preferences when it comes to food. When you combine these two things, you will probably get a result that needs to be seen rather than explained. And there you go – a few pictures of Kool-Aid pickle jars! Yes, someone actually had the idea to make these and we cannot believe it! Being extra is one thing, but coming up with stuff like this is definitely another story!

Written by Sven Miller

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