Did you know that Michael Jackson’s daughter honored him with a tattoo on her…


The late Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, honored him with a special tattoo she got for her 18th birthday.

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The King of Pop passed away on the 25th of June 2009. At that time his daughter Paris was only 11 years old. On the 3rd of April this year she turned 18 and on her special day she decided to honor her late dad in a very special way.

Paris went to a tattoo studio in Los Angeles, California, US, and got a tiny inking on the side of her wrist. The new tattoo reads “Queen of My Heart” in black ink and it’s actually done in the style of Michael Jackson’s very own handwriting. Jackson’s daughter shared a photo of herself right after the tattoo was made on her Instagram page and stated that while Michael was the King of Pop to everybody else, to her he was only the king of her heart. Justin Lewis, the tattoo artist, who inked the special message on Paris’ hand, shared a picture she took with her and her cousin at the studio and stated that Paris’ way of honoring her late father was “so sweet”.


The 18 year old Paris and her brothers, 14 year old Blanket and 19 year old Prince, were a mystery to the media up until a few years ago when the tabloids exploded with the news of Paris’ attempts to take her own life. Throughout his life Michael Jackson has done everything in his power to keep the identity of his children hidden from the media so that they could have a more laid-back childhood. This even included making his kids wear masks whenever he would take them out in public. Paris recently revealed that now she gets why Michael was trying so hard and that she’s truly grateful to him for everything he’s done for her and her brothers.


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