This 65-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To Quadruplets

She initially hit a brick wall, because IVF is illegal in Germany. But hey, there’s always the wonderful country called Ukraine, where the system is at least a couple of notches friendlier when it comes to things like that. It’s not perfect and there are some restrictions, but Ann had a chance. And a chance was all she needed.

Be careful what you wish for

Get pregnant, she did, as per her plan. The time came for ultrasound and the potentially good news. Well – turned out the news were four times as good. Said no medical doctor ever.

Having a baby at 65 is no joke. Having four is considered downright crazy by the medical profession, so the professionals suggested to reduce the number of embryos, for Ann’s sake. Annegret said “No”. No embryos get left behind.

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Four happy children

Image Source: PFEIFFER/RTL

26 weeks in, she delivered all four and against all odds, every single one of them was healthy as can be. Three boys, plus a baby-girl to keep them company.

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Written by George Angel

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