Did you know that An elderly woman got trapped in a library restroom for…


An unnamed elderly woman from Texas is making headlines after she got trapped in a library restroom for 36 long hours.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

According to official reports, the woman in question was locked inside the West Waco Library in the city of Waco, Texas, US.

The media didn’t release the unfortunate woman’s name or age, but described her as an elderly woman. She went to the library on Saturday, the 2nd of April, and got trapped in one of the restrooms. The poor woman got trapped in the stall and was unable to get out in time. The library’s staff closed down the venue that same evening without checking for any visitors, who might have gotten left behind. They didn’t return until 6:30 in the morning on Monday. The reports state that the trapped woman didn’t have a mobile phone on her, so there was no way she could have contacted any family members, friends or even any of the local authorities and to ask for help. As a result, she had to wait for the staff to open for 36 hours. After the woman was discovered a medical team carried out a check-up on her and ruled out that she hadn’t suffered any injuries throughout the time she was stuck in the library by herself and that she was in overall good health.


A spokesman for the city of Waco, Larry Holze, commented on the unfortunate case. He explained that the woman was in perfect condition and also informed the media that the library’s staff is usually checking for any late visitors, who might have gotten carried away or might have entered the restrooms right before closing time, but that this particular weekend the library workers didn’t check before closing down the venue.


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