Did you know that Charlie Sheen owes his ex-wife Brooke Mueller $89,000 in…


Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has asked the court to freeze the actor’s assets, because he allegedly owes her $89,000 in child support.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 50 year old actor just can’t stop making headlines this month. First there was this nasty scandal regarding the fact that he’s the suspect in an LAPD legal case, which claims that Sheen sent death threats to an ex-girlfriend. And now the media is exploding with reports that he owes tens of thousands in child support to another ex-partner.


Sheen and his third wife, Brooke Mueller, came to an agreement back in 2011 that stated that he has to pay $55,000 in child support each month for her to take care of the twin sons they have together – 7 year old Max and Bob. However, Charlie has failed to pay for the past couple of months and now Brooke is asking the court to freeze all of his assets until she gets her money. Earlier this year the Anger Management actor filed a court case asking the judge to reduce the amount of money he has to pay each month in child support. The actor stated that the settlement with his ex-wife was negotiated back in 2011 when he used to make a larger income than he makes nowadays. Back then he used to earn approximately $613,000 a month from Two and a Half Men, but since then he has lost great amounts of his fortune. His earnings aren’t as high as they used to be and he’s lost quite a few millions from paying people off to keep the secret that he is HIV positive from the press. The court didn’t reduce his child support and apparently, Sheen has decided that the right way to cope with the problem is to stop paying altogether.


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