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Top 15 Scariest And Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

4. The prison of nightmares in Syria

Decribed as the “Kingdom of death and madness”, the Tadmor Prison does not sound like a fun place to be. People say that all the guards in this Syrian facility are evil, and apparently, they have mastered the only type of entertainment in there – torture. Even the non-violent inmates are left starving on purpose and they eventually turn into skeletons. Meanwhile the guards threaten the problematic convicts with weapons such as axes.

Syria has a specific authoritarian type of government and this means that some political prisoners, whose only crime is their different opinion, eventually find themselves in Tadmor. When someone tried to assassinate the president in the 80s, the obedient servants of the government brutally murdered more than 500 of Tadmor’s prisoners in their own cells.

5. Inmates are forced to live in a morgue-like corpses in Benin

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Have you ever heard of Benin? Not many people have, because this is a small country in West Africa, snugged between Nigeria and Togo. Despite being so small, it is the home of some of the most dangerous prisons in the whole world. The Abomey Prison is a perfect example for that. Originally designed to hold about 400 people, nowadays it packs six times more people, including men, women, and children.

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The situation inside is so difficult that the inmates sleep in shifts, and people being suffocated to death is an common sight. What is truly horrifying about the place is that the people inside are mostly awaiting trial, which often takes years to happen.

6. The “BANGKOK HILTON” from hell

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The Bang Kwang prison is an exceptionally brutal place, and those that have seen what it is like to be inside gave it the ironic nickname “Bangkok Hilton”. The minimal sentence of every inmate there is 25 years, and everyone wears metal shackles on their legs in the first couple of months inside.

The overcrowding is a big problem, and torture is a daily activity. There is no running water inside, the sewers do not work often, and the single daily meal consists of some rice and vegetables. Those sentenced to death via a lethal injection are sometimes notified just a few hours prior to the execution, and they wear iron shackles until the very end. 

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