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Top 15 Scariest And Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

7. The real hell can be found in this Venezuelan prison

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The media sometimes tries to represent Venezuela as a socialist paradise, but it is painfully clear that it is not. Actually, it is quite the opposite, and that is why nobody would be surprised to find a Venezuelan prison in this list. It seems that savagery and socialism are a perfect match.

The above-mentioned prison is La Sabaneta, and like other similar places, it suffers from overcrowding, with more than 25,000 inmates stuffed in a space designed to host 15,000 people. Mass murders are a common thing. Since 1995, more than two hundred people were killed, and about 600 others were wounded. There was a raid back in 2013, which resulted in the discovery of a tunnel used to smuggle in drugs. The guards also found and confiscated more than 22,000 bullet rounds and a large number of weapons.

8. San Quentin Is Obviously Not Doing Anything Good

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The oldest prison in California is notorious for the suffering of the inmates inside, and for the .fact that that the late Johnny Cash immortalized it. The facility is equipped with a gas chamber, but it has not been used a single time, because the state regulation requires the execution to be performed via a lethal injection.

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The most violent criminals in California come to this prison, and only the strongest among them are able to survive. Even the guards take part in the brutal and savage things that happen inside, A racially-based incident escalated quickly in 2006 with an aftermath of two casualties and a couple of hundred injured prisoners. Common events in San Quentin, nothing special.

9. The true hell on earth might be in Rwanda

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The overcrowding problem, which is common for many other prisons, is on another level at the Gitarama Central Prison in Rwanda. The facility detains about 7,000 inmates, despite that its actual capacity is ten times less! One of the main reasons for the staggering number is the genocide that wiped out Rwanda.

People often compare Gitarama to a living hell by the media. The conditions are so severe that men are forced to do everything and eventually die in a cramped area inside a brick house with no roof. Cannibalism is sometimes the only option for the living people inside to survive, feeding on the recently deceased. There is no running water inside, and common preventable diseases outbreak much too often, leaving casualties every time. 

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