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Top 15 Scariest And Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

10. This American Prison Institution Is Shocking

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Barack Obama attempted to close Guantanamo Bay, but it still stands after reducing its population. However, the brutal internal activities are still going on. The prison is on Cuban land, but it has always been an American facility built to hold the most dangerous criminals in the world.

History shows that back in the day people were locked up just for their skin color or religion. Ex-Guantanamo convicts reported that all the inmates are made to take drugs against their will, and they suffer sexual abuse, assaults with barbed wire and carry multiple wounds and scars from different injuries and torture.

11. The violent Rikers island

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Rikers Island is a grim place. It has ten jails built on it, with a total capacity of over 12,000 prisoners. Not many people are able to serve their sentence and live to talk about it. These people compare the prison life as living in a city’s most dangerous hood, which is a huge understatement.

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SWAT teams helped the management to reduce the cases of stabbing from above 1,000 per year to merely 70. However, there is information about illegal fight clubs protected by some of the guards. Everyday life here includes rape, murder and every kind of abuse that you could imagine.

12. Solitary isolation is permanent here

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Every US inmate shakes in fear if you mention the ADX Florence Supermax Prison, located in Colorado. The inmates in this facility live in total isolation from the other, as well as from the guard members. This is obligatory because some of the most dangerous and violent criminals are locked away here. The sole purpose of the facility is to bring pain and misery to the convicts.

Suicides are very frequent here, because most inmates find it unbearable to be locked away for 23 hours a day. Some do it by refusing to eat, but the guards force-feed them in order for the prisoner to continue the life of suffering.

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