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Top 15 Scariest And Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

13. This prison has the most ironic name

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La Santé is a strange name choice for France’s most violent prison institution, because quite literally it means “The Health”. It speaks for the typical dark sense of humor the French people have. The place features its own internal hierarchy, which represses the weakest among the inmates. Violence is in the air here.

Suicides are common here, as well, with a record 127 cases in 1999. They built the facility like a fortress and this is the reason that there are only three prison breaks recorded since 1987.

14. This Turkish prison is a record-breaking nightmare

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The Turkish Diyarbakir Prison holds the grim record for the highest number of violated human rights per prisoner. It is notorious for having underage inmates with brutal sentences, most of which will spend their lives there. Turkey has more than 350 children aged between 13 and 17 who are currently in prison.

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This facility is overcrowded just like most of the other similar prisons around the world, and violence is common at every corner. The population consists of common criminals and political prisoners. Some inmates set themselves on fire in a desperate attempt to end their stay in this hell, so you could probably imagine how bad the situation must be.

15. A Soviet Relic Of Torture

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The Soviet Union has brought a lot of misery to different parts of the globe. One of the former Soviet republics, Georgia, is a good example of such suffering. The country suffered a sudden defeat in the Russian-Georgian War, but it was recently related to an even more horrible news.

The Gladni Prison got so out of control that the country’s government had to step in after a few videos showed many brutal scenes from inside the facility – mass beatings, torture and rape, all carried out by the sadistic guards. An investigation was initiated, and eventually a few guards were fired, but that was not a guaranteed way to stop the horrific events. The things that happen in Gladni Prison show the worst of humanity.

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